Why should I get a Will?

To answer this question it’s really important to highlight the benefits of having a Will and conversely what happens if you don’t have one.

If you have a Will, you choose who inherits your home, savings and you can allocate sentimental gifts. You can select Guardians for your children, set ages of inheritance and also if applicable set up a trust to protect their inheritance from care home fee assessment and many other scenarios. Your family will have access to their inheritance quickly with minimal stress.

If you don’t have a Will, the Government will choose who inherits your home, savings and sentimental belongings. Your children potentially could be put into the care system and all of your hard earned assets would be assessed to pay for your care if you needed to go into a care home. Your family could have to wait several months or longer to receive their inheritance.

Our specialist, highly experienced Will writers have perfected the Will writing process, it’s highly efficient and we can easily produce a high quality, legally binding Will for you either over the phone or on a home/office visit.

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Once you have approved the draft, we will send you your final copy which you will need to sign along with 2 witnesses to make it legal.

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Frequently asked questions

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