What determines the value of knowledge?

Why is it that 60% of all UK adults haven’t made a Will to protect their loved ones inheritance and prevent potential family conflicts? We’d love to know!

Our law firm wants to truly understand the barriers and drivers in this market, so what better way to get this knowledge than by removing the main barriers of cost and convenience for our customers?

Our specialist, highly experienced Will writers have perfected the Will writing process, it’s highly efficient and we can easily produce a high quality, legally binding Will for you either over the phone or on a home/office visit. There’s no catch you just need to book an appointment.

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What our customers say about us

David Harrison

1 review

Truly amazed by the attitude

Truly amazed by the attitude, the assurance and confidence shown by our advisor. No issue was too small to explain thoroughly and his knowledge precise. My thanks for the speed the undertaking was completed. My 100%, no reservations recommendations to anyone looking for help in the matter of will writing.

How It Works

Book an appointment

Start your Will by booking in an appointment with one of our Wills specialists at a time that is convenient to you.

We write your Will

Our specialists will then take your instructions and write up your Will. Once written, we will send you a draft for you to approve.

You sign your Will

Once you have approved the draft, we will send you your final copy which you will need to sign along with 2 witnesses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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