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“Peace of mind” – is something we hear a lot when our customers finalise their Will with us. Having the knowledge and peace of mind that your affairs are now in order offers so much comfort to our customers.

We believe that everyone should have a written Will and that’s why we are removing the barrier of cost. We all have loved ones we want to protect.

There are no catches with a Zenwills Free Will. Simply book an appointment with one of our specialists and we will help you have your peace of mind.

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What happens if I don't have a Will?

We all know in our minds who we want to leave our belongings to. The problem is, the law doesn’t. This means no matter who you would like to leave your assets to, the law will decide who gets them and from time to time the loved ones you wanted to leave your assets to risk being left out.

Many cases have been reported where estranged family members have benefitted from a relatives death when they haven’t been in contact with them for many years but the close relatives and friends were left with nothing.

Having a Will prevents this. Having a Will means the ones you love will benefit from your estate and will be given the things that you know in your mind that you want to leave them.


Benefits of having a Will
You decide how your estate is distributed.
✔ You know that all beneficiaries will get what you wish for them to have
✔ Your executors know who is getting what and it can all be sorted fairly quickly
You set your own guardians for your children so their futures are taken care of
Risks of not having a Will
The Government will decide how to distribute your estate
✖ Your assets may go to a family member that you have no intention of being a beneficiary
It could take years for your family members to correctly sort out your estate
A family court judge would decide who gets guardianship or your children NOT you

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Everyone Needs a Will

Many people believe that a Will is to help rich people distribute their wealth upon death. Many also believe they are automatically priced out of a Will due to high solicitor costs.

ZenWills are a solicitors who believe that everyone should have the protection that they are entitled to. This is why we are offering a Free Will for all of our customers. We also offer trusts, probate services and other supporting legal services all at a fraction of the costs of a high street solicitor.

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